A bit About me

My current Workstation Setup (with 'The Red Planet' open in Unity, and a WIP Mars Buggy Model in 3DS Max).

My name is Kira Zingmark, and if there is one thing you should know about me, it is this.....Video-games are my passion, plain and simple. I love to play games, I love to read about games, I love to talk about games, but most importantly I love to make games. 

As a resourceful and ambitious professional, I am highly motivated to continue to learn through real world experiences and positive mentoring, to develop my abilities in a continually evolving industry which offers new and exciting career opportunities. I am eager to embrace ongoing professional development and confident in my ability to support and contribute to positive outcomes within a high performing team.

During my previous Bachelor studies at Griffith University I was provided the opportunity to learn alongside dedicated staff with decades of professional industry experience. Through my studies and projects I have gained valuable IT skills in software development, programming/scripting in multiple languages, web design and mobile application development. Additionally I have also developed an understanding of business analysis, database systems, communications and the fundamentals of good project management. I also took part in an Internship with Griffith, organising, coordinating, and participating in an industry project that attracted key businesses from throughout the local IT sector.

In my current endeavour studying Game Design at SAE QANTM, I am privileged to study with and alongside industry veterans, many with more than a decade of experience under their belts. At SAE I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, learning new skills and making valuable industry connections along the way, all the while perfecting my personal techniques and general craft. In both my time studying and time spend working on personal projects as a Modder, I have become intimately familiar with engines and tool-kits such as CryEngine, Hammer, and the latest iterations of Unreal & Unity, not to mention the experience gained with using a variety of different 3D modelling tools in the process. Throughout this experience I have developed a higher level of professional maturity, and a greater awareness of the importance of process and proper documentation.

Although I strive to learn and excel as a developer, my personal goal first and foremost is to entertain Players, and in turn to elevate the medium of interactive entertainment.